El Lobo Long Beach

El Lobo Long Beach

El Lobo Long Beach

El Lobo Long Beach

El Lobo Long Beach

El Lobo Long Beach


La Carta


Sopas y Caldos


Albondigas de Pavo con Menta…homemade turkey meatballs, stuffed with rice and fresh mint, in a green and red bell pepper tomato and onion broth. $7.95

Frijoles de olla…slowly cooked white, black and Pinto beans topped with fresh “pico de gallo” salsa and crumbled Cotija cheese.   $5.00

Sopa de Fideo...Chicken broth, with toasted fideo, fresh avocado and crisp tortilla strips. $7.00

Caldo de Res…Sundays  $8.95

Ceviche de Tofu


Ceviche de Atun …Ahi tuna marinated in lime, capers, jalapeno slivers and fresh cilantro, over a bed of red and green cabbage, jicama, red onions and guacamole salsa, served with crisp corn tortilla chips.  $10.95

Tamales Vatidos… “Guatemaltecos” style chicken and vegetable tamale, in a sweet mole sauce steamed in banana leaf.   $5.95

Lobitos Nachitos…a mountain of crisp corn tortilla chips, Monterey jack cheese, rajas, radish, sweet roasted corn, cilantro, onion, fresh tomatoes, guacamole salsa, crema fresca, frijoles borrachos, diced fresh jalapeno peppers and vegan Chorizo. $7.00         
Add. $2.00 chicken  

Garnachas…corn masa cakes topped with marinated shredded beef (lomo), cotija cheese and our house salsa “de abuelita”.  
Or order veggie!   $6.95

Ceviche de Tofu…EL LOBO must try! A tower of fresh jicama, layered with tofu marinated in lime with “pico de gallo” (tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cilantro) topped with fresh mango, and drizzled with LOBO guacamole salsa.  $9.95

Alitas de Lobo…golden brown chicken wings, brushed with a tamarind- plum “chile de arbol” sauce, served with fresh mango, jicama and sprinkled with cilantro and chives.   $9.95




Alcahofa Rellana…Grilled artichoke stuffed with kings of palm and artichoke hearts, drizzled with a lemon balsamic dressing and a jalapeno olio dressing. (Seasonal)  $7.95 

Chilaquiles de Casa…Layers of homemade golden brown tortillas soaked in our house salsa, topped with roasted Poblano peppers, cotija and Monterey Jack cheese, guacamole salsa, fresh chopped onions and fried organic egg.  $8.95

Humitas del Mar…Peruvian style sweet yellow corn tamale, topped with fresh scallops in a spicy Cayene lemon cream sauce.  $10.00




El Nayarit…Grilled Romaine lettuce tossed in a cilantro, lime jalapeno dressing, topped with grilled prawns and tender “nopalitos” (cactus)  $10.95

El D.F…hand torn kale tossed in a sweet and tangy Tamarind plum dressing, topped with roasted sweet corn, fresh avocado, mango and crisp tortilla strips.   $8.95

Tacos del Campo…Homemade tortilla tacos stuffed with fresh raw veggies in a chipotle vinaigrete dressing.   $6.95      

Platos Fuerte

Petra’s Chile Relleno…Roasted Poblano peppers, stuffed with marinated shredded beef and queso fresco, in our house “salsa de abuelita”, served over a bed of rice and Mexican squash “calabacitas”.    You may also order cheese only Chile Rellano.   $14.95

Carne Asada Verde…Grilled flap meat, marinated in scallions, cilantro, garlic and lime, served with grilled “street style” corn, rice and frijoles borrachos.  $17.95

Pollo Adobado…Pounded Achiote marinated chicken breast grilled and topped with a creamy Achiote sauce and drizzled with guacamole salsa, served with our homemade sweet pineapple raisin tamale.  $15.95

Enchiladas de Tia Maria…three homemade tortillas stuffed with marinated chicken, Monterey jack, Cotija cheese, Mexican squash and chayote topped with choice of our house “salsa de abuelita”, or our mole sauce, served with rice.  Or order enchiladas with vegetables. $13.95


Platos Fuerte


Birria…Enjoy our house signature meat “Birria” (beef shank marinated for three days then slowly cooked for 8 hours ) served with rice and a side of frijoles de la olla. Garnished with chopped onions, radish and fresh lime.  $17.95

Dobladitos…Three hand made fresh masa tacos stuffed with potatoes and queso fresco, deep fried to a golden brown, garnished with a lettuce, onions, radish, guacamole salsa and crema fresca, served with rice and our homemade sweet tamale. $12.95                                                                                  

Pollo en Mole Negro… White and dark chicken slowly cooked with our homemade Oaxaca style mole sauce (sweet and spicy) Served on a bed of rice, garnished with sesame seeds. $15.95                              

Veracruzana…Pan seared red snapper, sautéed in a fresh tomato, olive and caper jalapeno tequila sauce, served with calabacitas de casa.  $17.95

Chile en Nogada…Puebla’s nun’s favorite dish…roasted chile poblano stuffed with pulled pork, pears, apricot, almonds, sage and cloves. Drizzled with a creamy walnut sauce and topped with Pomegranates (seasonal) Served with calabacitas de casa.   (Seasonal dish)  $16.95                                                     

Camarones a la diabla…Grilled black tiger prawns, sautéed in a garlic chile de arbol sauce, with green and red bell peppers and onions served over sautéed potatoes and verdulagas. $18.95                                                      

Entrée of the day…Chef Sonia’s entrée special, served with our homemade soup of the day...  $18.95      


Al Lado


Arroz Blanco…Mexican style rice with red and green bell peppers.  $3.00

Calabasitas Con Queso…Mexican squash and chayote sautéed with roasted sweet corn, cotija cheese, tomatoes and onions.  $4.00

Elote de Calle…grilled street style corn on the cob, in a chipotle creamy dressing. $4.00

Tamale de Dulce…sweet pineapple and raisin homemade tamale.$2.95

Frijoles Boracchos…black, white and pinto beans sautéed with chile de Arbol and Vegetarian chorizo, topped with Cotija cheese, crema fresca and fresh cilantro. $3.00

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